We fully understand businesses’ need for high calibre leaders to facilitate their growth plans, export ambitions and to act as a brand ambassador for market-leading products and services.

Gary Crawford
Managing Director
Tech International

"On various occasions we found the best person for the job and this wouldn’t have been possible without 4c’s knowledge and expertise, and their reach outside of Northern Ireland."

4c Executive was launched in 2013 and quickly established ourselves as the leading provider of true executive search services in Northern Ireland, Great Britain and further afield.

Trevor Lockhart
Chief Executive
Fane Valley

"4c went the extra mile to understand our company and our values before embarking on the process, and this strategic approach led to them presenting us with some fantastic candidates who would otherwise never have been on our radar. "

Gareth Hanna talks of the outstanding talent in Northern Ireland

Published on: 24 July 2017

4c were very proud sponsors at the Business First’s 40 under 40 awards this year. Now that the gallery has been officially released, we wanted to share some of Gareth’s words that he addressed to the audience at the National Stadium.

“When we were reviewing the final ‘40 under 40’ list, we were struck by the sheer calibre of the individuals on the list – because each and every one of you is extremely impressive in your own right.

At 4c we have been inspired by your drive; your ambition; your determination and resilience; and the example that you set not only to young professionals under the age of 40, but to the wider business community in Northern Ireland.”

40 under 40

Gareth continued, “in this room today, we have 40 amazing innovators. 40 exceptional ‘people people’ and managers. 40 highly intelligent visionaries who possess a strategic outlook that would be the envy of so many. 40 bold leaders who have worked incredibly hard and have very much made their mark in their respective sectors.  40 professionals who have proven that age is just a number and is no barrier to getting to the top.

The diversity of the companies and sectors represented today illustrates that there is, and will continue to be, a blueprint for companies in Northern Ireland to follow as they strive for sustainable business growth and success. That blueprint is the common thread that runs between all 40 of the companies represented today.  That blueprint, is brilliant people, and it is very clear for all to see that you are all brilliant businesspeople.

And that was our primary reason for getting involved with Business Firsts ’40 Under 40’ in the first place – because, at 4c, our business is based entirely on brilliant people.  Every day, we’re working with Northern Ireland’s leading organisations to help them find the best and the most brilliant people to fill their senior-level, business-critical roles.”

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