We fully understand businesses’ need for high calibre leaders to facilitate their growth plans, export ambitions and to act as a brand ambassador for market-leading products and services.

Gary Crawford
Managing Director
Tech International

"On various occasions we found the best person for the job and this wouldn’t have been possible without 4c’s knowledge and expertise, and their reach outside of Northern Ireland."

4c Executive was launched in 2013 and quickly established ourselves as the leading provider of true executive search services in Northern Ireland, Great Britain and further afield.

Trevor Lockhart
Chief Executive
Fane Valley

"4c went the extra mile to understand our company and our values before embarking on the process, and this strategic approach led to them presenting us with some fantastic candidates who would otherwise never have been on our radar. "

The need for strong leadership from a highly effective and functioning board has never been greater. With ever increasing scrutiny coming from shareholders, customers, regulators and employees, boards must be able to provide strategic value, direction, and agility to ensure the continued growth and success of an organisation.

Chairs and Non-Executive Directors offer challenging and diverse expertise to the existing executive team by providing independent and impartial counsel, judgement, and insights. These individuals should inspire positive change in the areas of board engagement, corporate governance, and overall company performance.

Having the right balance of skills and expertise in the boardroom is a formidable asset to any organisation. But so many businesses rely on ‘who they know’ when it comes to bringing an NED onto their board, when in actual fact it is the person they don’t know that could add most value and have the biggest impact on their business.

It stands to reason, then, that there has to be some level of investment in finding the very best person for such a business-critical role on a board and, most importantly, that it is done in a methodical, process-driven fashion that very clearly adheres to an organisation’s corporate governance and compliance structures.

At 4c we are passionate about building strong boardrooms by coupling proven executive professionals with business critical gaps on the board. 4c Boardroom provides clients with access to highly successful and driven individuals who have been screened and vetted to ensure we represent only the best talent in the industry.

4c Boardroom’s services include boardroom appointments, board assessment, succession planning and salary benchmarking.

  • Provides clients with access to the best Non-Executive Director talent
  • Client focused results, tailored to specific requirements
  • Provides consultancy services to assess current board and identify skills gaps
  • Management of an end-to-end process by a skilled 4c Search Consultant
  • Connecting Northern Ireland’s leading companies with foremost Non-Executive Director experts

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If you are interested in a Non-Executive Director position, please visit the Candidate section, which includes a Non Executive Director Registration Form.