We fully understand businesses’ need for high calibre leaders to facilitate their growth plans, export ambitions and to act as a brand ambassador for market-leading products and services.

Gary Crawford
Managing Director
Tech International

"On various occasions we found the best person for the job and this wouldn’t have been possible without 4c’s knowledge and expertise, and their reach outside of Northern Ireland."

4c Executive Search was launched in 2013 and quickly established ourselves as the leading provider of true executive search services in Northern Ireland, Great Britain and further afield.

Neil Stewart
Chief Executive
Glen Dimplex Heating & Ventilation

"I was impressed by the capability of 4c Executive to look outside Northern Ireland and as a result feel that I was presented with a much more comprehensive pool of candidates than had we looked only locally."


Welcome to 4c. We are Northern Ireland’s leading provider of true executive search services and are privileged to work with many of the top multinationals and SMEs across the province.

Whether you are a passive job seeker who is happy in your currently role and is simply ‘keeping an eye out’ for your next opportunity, or are proactively seeking a move, we have are currently recruiting for a number of senior-level assignments which could be of interest to you.

While we are principally client assignment-driven at 4c, we are always keen to speak with talented individuals and learn of your accomplished backgrounds, with a view to making contact should a suitable role arise with ourselves.

We would be delighted to invite you to share your details with us in confidence.

  • If you currently working in Northern Ireland, please Submit your CV.
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