We fully understand businesses’ need for high calibre leaders to facilitate their growth plans, export ambitions and to act as a brand ambassador for market-leading products and services.

Gary Crawford
Managing Director
Tech International

"On various occasions we found the best person for the job and this wouldn’t have been possible without 4c’s knowledge and expertise, and their reach outside of Northern Ireland."

4c Executive was launched in 2013 and quickly established ourselves as the leading provider of true executive search services in Northern Ireland, Great Britain and further afield.

Neil Stewart
Chief Executive
Glen Dimplex Heating & Ventilation

"I was impressed by the capability of 4c Executive to look outside Northern Ireland and as a result feel that I was presented with a much more comprehensive pool of candidates than had we looked only locally."

Partnering in success with firmus energy

Published on: 4 September 2020

4c Executive is very proud to support firmus energy in their continued growth, and we are simply delighted to share some of their great news with you.

Throughout these uncertain times, firmus energy has continued to work hard to convert over 100 homes each week from oil to natural gas, reducing previous CO2 emissions from the home by 50%. Alongside this they have also successfully extended their networks to over 1000 miles of new underground high density plastic pipework which is a suitable conduit for conveying carbon neutral fuels like Hydrogen in the future.

We are also delighted to share that firmus energy have recently been recognised as one of the Top 100 Businesses in Northern Ireland with Ulster Business magazine.

Over the years, we have been retained to fill a number of senior-level, business-critical roles for firmus energy including a Finance Director, a Director of Regulation and Pricing, a Regulatory Affairs Manager and a Chairman of the Board of Directors. Michael Scott, Managing Director of firmus energy, has kindly taken the time to share his experience of working with 4c Executive in a short video.

If you would like to find out more about our Executive Search services please do not hesitate to contact us on +44(0)28 9043 4343, or send an email to admin@4cexecutive.com.


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